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GPS Co Ordinates to The Rock  26*12’33.47″S / 28*21’4.94″E

sponsorship banners_edited-1 Folks if you have an I phone click on this link above and scan the QR code to your phone this new app will update you to what’s happening at The Rock Raceway. It’s a cool new app to have on your phones whilst you on the move, easy access to info from The Rock.

 Bring your daily drive or retro style car and come have some fun  Sunday 28th September at The Rock Raceway S.A. as Max My Ride Magazine presents Maxed Out Drags Street 2 Strip style racing. Car clubs are also welcome so if you think you can dice and you up for some fun then come a long. Bring the family friends and neighbors too and come chill with us this Sunday See you there folks!
28 Sept
 Drifting Fans the Drifters will be making their way to The Rock Raceway for the final round of the Japan Auto Drift Champs, 4th October 2014. This will also mark the  Finals for the championships and points are close, so come and support your favorite drifters.
4 October Japan Auto
Racing fans the oval drivers will be gearing up for more high speed oval and circuit racing action. So come support your favorite racing drivers as they flat foot around the 400 M tar oval in various disciplines. Entries now open for the next event.
18 October 2014
Event dates for 2014
Here is a quick calendar update for those of you looking for events to attend during the 2014 season at The Rock. Oval competitors take note due to the Nationals on the 11th October in Welkom, the Rock Raceway event has been moved to the 18th for the benefit of those participating in the Nationals. Legends Racing events have also been added to the calendar.
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