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GPS Co Ordinates to The Rock  26*12’33.47″S / 28*21’4.94″E

sponsorship banners_edited-1 Folks if you have an I phone click on this link above and scan the QR code to your phone this new app will update you to what’s happening at The Rock Raceway. It’s a cool new app to have on your phones whilst you on the move, easy access to info from The Rock. Oval & Formula N Competitors please take not this weekends practice schedules are as follows, due to the Gauteng Motor Show taking place the Supermoto guys will also require some practice time on Sunday, please adhere to the allocated practice times and accommodate accordingly. Thank you The Rock Raceway Management.

All competitors please take note that The Rock Raceway venue will be closed for practice from the 24th July – 28th July. Thebe Reed Exhibitions will be hosting the Gauteng Motorshow at The Rock Raceway venue during that period. All enquiries for the Gauteng Motorshow to be directed to Thebe Reed Exhibitions 011 549 8300 directly.
Coming To Gauteng in 25 – 27 July Gauteng Motor Show.
Thebe Reed Exhibitions will be hosting the Gauteng Motorshow at The Rock Raceway. All enquiries for the Gauteng Motorshow to be directed to Thebe Reed Exhibitions 011 549 8300 directly.
Round 3 Japan Auto Drift Champs is around the corner folks get those 1 more time banners ready its going to be a slideways affair!
Japan Auto Rnd 3fb
The Rock Raceway is offering a sponsorship special for the speed weekend to companies that would like to get some extra exposure most needed in today’s economical climate. Yes folks now is the time to advertise and stay above the rest of the competition out there. Sponsor a racing class and get your very own company banner that you get to keep for further promotional events. The sponsored money will be divided amongst the drivers who are travelling from far to come and race,  Your banner will be put up on display for all to see and your companies name will also be mentioned over the PA system each time the class races and during the evening on a regular basis. You can collect your banner after the event.  Please contact The Rock Raceway  office on 011 740 8315 for more info
The Rock Raceway is gearing up for another Speed weekend to be held in August, all the clubs have been invited to come and join us and try and set up lap records in each class, drivers who have set up records will be able to defend or try and improve their records.
speed weekend 2014fb speed weekend ENTRIES
The Rock Raceway is going to be a hive of activity on the 16th August when the Legends Racing returns with the Race of Champs event. This event is based on the European Championships were 2 cars race against each other following their own course. Both cars will have an opportunity to cross over and under the bridge. Also racing that day will be Nicholis Louw, and fans yes Nicholis will also be singing as well. So fans come join us in the 16th Nicholis Louw will be singing your favourite songs! So come on folks get your friends neighbours ready we going to have a good time!
16 August1
Event dates for 2014
Here is a quick calendar update for those of you looking for events to attend during the 2014 season at The Rock. Oval competitors take note due to the Nationals on the 11th October in Welkom, the Rock Raceway event has been moved to the 18th for the benefit of those participating in the Nationals. Legends Racing events have also been added to the calendar.
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